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AE & AP Article Jack of All Trades but Masters of None - March 2022

Andrew Poplett IEng, MIHMEEM, an Authorising Engineer (W&V) with over 30 years' healthcare estates management experience, and specialist knowledge pf fire safety, water, and critical ventilation systems, discusses ensuring that hospitals and other healthcare facilities have a good mix of skills, knowledge, and experience available in such key disciplines via Authorising Engineers and Authorised Persons. He also warns against overburdening such personnel with unrealistic workload.
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Derogation Article HEJ - September 2021

The question of derogations has been a complex, and, at times, highly contentious, issue for many years. It can often start with a debate over the legal status of NHS-specific guidance, and include a range of challenges.
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Fire Safety - Importance of regular inspection stressed, IHEEM Health Estate Journal January 2015 Volume 69 Number 1 page 45

Fire safety is one of the highest priorities for all healthcare organisations given the nature of the people in our care and the significant consequences relating to a fire situation. Fire safety is a core element and consideration within CQC inspections and under the PAMS system of self-reporting (S15. safe and compliant with well managed systems in relation to: Fire Safety) NHS organisations are required to make an annual statement of compliance to provide assurance that the buildings under their control are safe and appropriately managed.
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Legionella L8 - Consider the ventilation aspects,  IHEEM Health Estate Journal November 2014 Volume 68 Number 10 page 40

The HSE ACOP L8 and supporting HSG274 Parts 1 - 3 Guidance sets the minimum standards by which everyone should work to manage the risks from waterborne microbiological pathogens. The NHS is fortunate to have further supporting guidance in the form of HTM core standard 00, 04-01 (3 parts) and HTM 03-01 (2 Parts), however with all of this available guidance some elements of healthcare building services engineering are all too often overlooked and in an attempt to stimulate discussion and raise awareness of the issues the following sets out some of the points to consider.
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Aspergillus Fumigatus - a ubiquitous foe, IHEEM Health Estate Journal October 2014 Volume 68 Number 9 page 37

Aspergillus is easy to find, challenging to control and its effect on highly vulnerable patients severe.  Anecdotal evidence and reports suggest that infections are on the rise and the overall cost in terms of patient risk and clinical episodes make an awareness of the potential risks essential for all healthcare estates professionals. Effective communication, early assessment of risk, and joint working with clinical colleagues is key to ensure that healthcare environments remain as safe as possible for those in our care.  
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