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Authorised Engineer (Water Safety & Quality)

As a respected and recognised long-standing independent consultant for the Management of Healthcare Water systems and the Control and management of Legionella and other micro-organisms. APE Ltd is considered to be qualified to the highest standard, and can be appropriately appointed by healthcare organisations as the Authorising Engineer for Water Safety & Quality (AEWQ).

Healthcare Water Systems

"The AE will act as an independent professional adviser to the healthcare organisation. The AE should be appointed by the organisation with a brief to provide services in accordance with health technical memoranda guidance. This may vary in accordance with the specialist service being supported."

"The AE will act as assessor and make recommendations for the appointment of Authorised Persons, monitor the performance of the service, and provide an annual audit to the Designated Person. To carry out this role effectively, particularly with regard to audit, it is preferable that the AE remains independent of the operational structure of the Trust."

Health Technical Memorandum 00 - Policies and principles of healthcare engineering
Healthcare organisations can therefore enter into contractual agreements with qualified and accredited independent, professional organisations to allow them to discharge their relevant guidance obligations in this matter. In entering into such agreements however, healthcare organisations must ensure that the proposed nominated AE is indeed qualified and accredited by appropriate accreditation bodies, such as IHEEM.

Design Validation - Installation and Commissioning of Healthcare Water Systems

We can undertake the validation of all new-build and refurbishment project design, installation and commissioning processes, ensuring that designs, installations and commissioning tasks comply with all current guidance, regulations and best-practices for Healthcare Water Systems.

The Process Includes:

Pre-planned Maintenance Systems Development

We can be commissioned to design and provide detailed and sufficient pre-planned maintenance programmes (PPM) for Healthcare Water Systems, designed specifically with the type of building and susceptibility of the service users in-mind. This ensures that all necessary inspection and monitoring tasks are carried out correctly and that all the relevant personnel are able to manage the information and data collected.

Typical PPM Programmes Include:
Hospital Water Quality

Project Management

As part of the service packages we are able to offer a comprehensive project management service including provision of advice and support at project inception, business case development, design stages, and on-site supervision & commissioning to ensure all stages are undertaken in compliance to L8 (2013), HSG 274 Parts 1-3, & HTM 04-01 standards.

Contract Adherence for Healthcare Water Systems