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Compliance Reviews & Auditing (HTM's & Legislation)

HTM Compliance
Our review and auditing process enable duty holders and Delegated Persons to obtain an understanding of their organisation's 'status of compliance' to ensure that the required HTM, CQC, and risk management parameters are suitably met.

We carry out thorough, unbiased and totally independent reviews of management procedures, paperwork audits and performance monitoring of all pertinent department and appointed contractors of the organisation, to consider areas improvements can be achieved including:
Areas covered include;

Why is this Necessary?

"If precautions are to remain effective, the condition and performance of the system will need to be monitored."

HSE - Approved Code of Practice and guidance
In accordance with the Health and Safety Executive and HTM's, estate managers need to satisfy themselves that the required processes and procedures are being implemented correctly and that they are achieving the desired risk control. This is attained by on-going auditing and performance monitoring of processes.

The Process

One-off 'Compliance' audits which are designed to report on the prevailing level and compliance and efficacy of management programmes employed, or on-going 'Periodic' audits designed to report and track any changes made to the programme, good or bad. Results are presented in comprehensive reports which outline the measured and assessed efficacy, efficiency and legislation compliance of the management programmes employed. Where necessary, recommendations for improvements and/or additions to the programmes are provided.